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  • Shenzhen Parkland Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive real estate operator with excellent reputation, enormous strength and elite teams. Established in June 2007, the corporate is committed to creating life of international quality and building a wonderful blueprint for urban development in China with its forward-looking strategic planning, scientific management system, professional market capacity and deepening brand influence.

  • One Shenzhen Bay is a masterpiece of Parkland Real Estate. The completion of the project will lead Shenzhen elite housing to a new era. As the only top residential that gathers the essence of the city in Shenzhen, it transcends various forms of property in the past and represents a new level of urban housing. It creates unique high levels of life support, products creation, service quality and details to provide ultimate experience better than ever.

  • One Shenzhen Bay will create a new history in Shenzhen. A top masterpiece jointly created by the world’s top teams will establish a landmark in the glorious Shenzhen Bay. Therefore, this mixed-use development worth recording comes into being.
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