Master of Design
  • Godfather” of the World Design Community
    ——Yabu Pushelberg
  • World’s Most Popular Star Designer
    ——Kelly Hoppen
  • Top Ten Designers in Hong Kong
    ——Steve Leung
  • World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer
    ——Chi Wing Lo
  • Internationally Renowned Architect
    ——Li Weimin
  • Top international brand hotel interior design agency
  • International brand exclusive designer
  • World-renowned top hotel design company
  • The most creative architecture & interior design company in Asia
    ——AB Concept

Godfather” of the World Design Community

Yabu Pushelberg

YabuPushelberg was established by George Yabuand Glenn Pushelberg in Canada in 1980. They are currently the two most popular international designers, known as the “Godfather” of the World Design Community. Most of their designs are for commercial spaces of brand enterprises, hotel groups and retail stores. They rarely design for private residence, because it’s very expensive and there is a year to wait for anavailable cooperation. So far, they have only designed for private residencesand clubs of Dubai’s Emirates, prime ministers of some countries and senior leaders of some world-class enterprises.

World’s Most Popular Star Designer

Kelly Hoppen

KellyHoppen is a popular top interior designer of the UK and even the world. She hasdesigned residences for many celebrities and many commercial establishments,including airline first class cabins. She has created the ultimate luxury. Her designs are famous for the calm, conciseness, elegance and rich innovations.

Top Ten Designers in Hong Kong

Steve Leung

SteveLeung Designers was founded by Steve Leung in 1997. Currently, it has officesin Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Steve Leung Designers has a wide businessscope, including hotels, restaurants, shops, offices and sample rooms. It isfamous for the modern style. It is good at integrating the rich Asian cultureand artistic elements into its architectures, interior designs and furniture works.

World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer

Chi Wing Lo

Therich creations of Chi Wing Lo cover fields like architecture, sculpture,interior and furniture design. He is always been highly praised by Italian andthe international design community for his idea purification, poetic interpretation and focus on details. In 2015, Chi Wing Lo was selected as the“World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer”

Internationally Renowned Architect

Li Weimin

LWMArchitects was founded about 20 years ago. Its expertise and scope of work include urban design, architecture and interior design. It has designed for residences, museums, offices and tourist hotels. Its businesses includeAcademia Sinica, President Office, ING Antai Life Insurance, Yahoo, DISCOVER,Eslite Bookstore, Beijing COFCO, Diaoyutai No. 7, Jiujiantang Villa….

Top international brand hotel interior design agency


ChengChung Design (HK) (CCD) was founded by Mr. Joe Cheng, a well-known designer inHong Kong. It specializes in interior design and consultancy services for international brand hotels. It is one of the top international brand hotel interior design agencies. CCD is ranked as #4 in Hospitality Giants 100 featured in US Interior Design magazine in October 2012—the onlyAsian design firm to break into Top 75.

International brand exclusive designer


HIDwas founded by Mr. Haverkamp. It is the exclusive interior design firm of Siematic, a world-class cupboard brand. HID is also the booth designer ofprevious top European design exhibitions. Its classic design projects are found everywhere in Europe and the United States. Since 2003, Haverkamp began providing overall customized services from interior design to home accessories to high-end customers in Asia.

World-renowned top hotel design company



The most creative architecture & interior design company in Asia

AB Concept

Sinceits inception in 1999, AB Concept has developed into a prestigious international architecture and interior design firm, won the recognition of anumber of world-renowned hotel brands, luxury real estate project developersand fine dining restaurant brands. Under the leadership of Ed Ng and Terence Ngan, the two founders, AB Concept is known as one of Asia’s most creative and holistic thinking internationally renowned architecture and interior design firms.

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