Precise Quality

The ingenuity spirit penetrated into the architecture and space is about being rigorous, persistent, exquisite and focusing on details.

From design to material scrutiny and selection, One Shenzhen Bay has always been meticulous like the German.

Time does not count as cost. The eternity of the architecture is the ultimate goal.

  • Stone System, Metal Curtain
  • Ultra-safe stone curtain wall construction
  • High-grade energy-saving glass curtain wall
  • High-grade bridge cut-off pads
  • Stainless steel railing system
  • Metal wing
  • Stone metal composite wing

Stone System, Metal Curtain

Advancedopen dry-hang stone system and open ceiling metal curtain with detail performance of dry cracks and significant energy-saving advantages.

Ultra-safe stone curtain wall construction

Ultra-safe stone curtain wall construction.All the stone units and V-shaped stone units adopt fiber-reinforced compositelayer technology, which ensures safety without falling.

High-grade energy-saving glass curtain wall

In order to maximize the landscape while keeping the energy saving and environmental protection standards, the specially tailored 2.4m double LOW-E insulating laminated three-tier ultra-white glass curtain wall provided excellent performances of high security, soundproofing and heat insulation.

High-grade bridge cut-off pads

High-grade bridge cut-off pads and thefully open folding door system provide function options of all on, partial onand single on.

Stainless steel railing system

The balcony protection system combines glass panel and slender and secure stainless steel railing system.

Metal wing

Metal wings composed of different materialsfor special circumstances provide not only aesthetic expression, but also functions of sun shading, wind and rain blocking laterally.

Stone metal composite wing

The detailed morphology and sophisticated technology structure of stone metal composite wings achieve both functional and aesthetic balance and coordination.

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